Reptile & Amphibian Refuge Center



Tree Frog, Gecko, and small lizard habitat

Cresty The Crested Gecko is 1 of our more illusive residents

Toad, Newt, Salamander Habitat

A Fire Belly Toad if you can see him

High Humidity Frog Habitat

Mini Dragon sitting on Baby's back, after mini got big enough, he climbed the barrier to Spikes habitat and stays with spike now. He would also sit on spikes back when he would run around and go for a ride.

We are located in western Massachusetts
Disabled Pet Sanctuary
Reptile & Amphibian Refuge Center
   524 cold spring ave.
 West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089
United States


Spike back when he was still a little guy, I got him as a pet.
When I went to take him to a get for a check up I found out the state of mass had closed the MSPCA and their were no animal shelters or vets local to me that would help with reptiles at all.
It was at that point I decided that I would have to organize a effort to help the pets that everyone over looked.
current projects
These are the current projects being done.

As you can see buddy has no back ground, we like to ad back grounds that match the pets natural habitat as to make their home more stress free and less like a cage.

I try my best to help all pets and people with special needs pets, if you have a special needs pet, please feel free to call for help if your looking to find service providers who can help your kind of pet you have.

Disabled Pet Sanctuary's Reptile & Amphibian Refuge Center

WE are the only SpCA in this area that is dedicated towards helping Disabled and special need's pets.

If you have a special needs pet please feel free to call for help, I will try my best to link you up with service providers who can help your specific kind of pet.
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