Reptile & Amphibian Refuge Center



Mrs. Turtles owner went off to school so we took him in to give him a forever home.

Fred's owner decided he was to much trouble to take care of but gave him to us rather then release him.

Mr. turtles owner had moved and he was in a tank with no light's a broken filter but did have a turtle dock, he was covered with green slime when we got him.     He likes to sleep on his dock and loves his basking light.

Nippy likes to try to sample every thing in her tank even if it is not eatable.
She was in a Tank with no lights and a broken filter as well. She has a lot of slime on her and a lot of 1/2 shed sections that she needed help removing
. If we did not take her in she was going to be released into the wild and would of died.

The Baby's , these 2 baby turtles were dropped off by a couple that had them in a bucket, they did not even leave the bucket, just the 2 baby turtles.
They were given to a school teacher out in CT for his class room, I am happy they will have a happy home being mascots of the class

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