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Baby is a Bearded Dragon that lost her back feet and 1/2 her tail in a fire at a local pet store many years ago now.

Daisy,  Baby's Female tank mate was given to us by her owner when she went off to collage and was not able to bring her dragon. She likes to eat everyone's food and has to be left snacks to eat.

Sandy is a large male who came to us as a young dragon. He would hiss and bite it took a long time to get him to trust people again.  The Man who gave him to us said he caught his boys throwing the lizard across the house like a foot ball.
He was named Spike originally but we call him sandy as to be less confusing as to have 2 spike's both being dragon's.

Fred came to us with a eye injury, after many trips to the vet including a surgery and biopsy. it turned out his eye injury is actually skin cancer. It may of been caused by the wrong lighting that was in his old habitat but probability not the unsanitary conditions [ he was poop covered ]

Buddy came to us with broken toes and a lot of scaring, we adopted him from a local pet store after a customer returned him as' defective ' . The pet store and our self's believe he was not defective and was actually abused. All of the injury's he sustained happened with in 4 days of his purchase.

Spike and Mini Dragon, the same Mini Dragon as in the picture of mini dragon sitting on baby's back.
Mini Dragon is spike and baby's little guy and stays in spikes habitat, if we stick him in with baby he just leaves as soon as he can and goes to stay with Spike.
Spike was purchased as a pet he is smart and knows his name.

Dungeon Cornelius. named after a dragon in a video game, he was not being taken care of by his owner and was given to us to re-home.  He stays with the girls, and It would seem Daisy had adopted him as her little dragon, sandy also seems to like him, not acting aggressive towards him.

            a bearded dragon came injured as you can see in the picture, he was taken in for emergency surgery and seems to be doing a little better now.
His tank was way to small, all of his lights were broken, he had no food or water bowl, but did come with food, a heat rock, and his basking wood he seems to like a lot.
his heated rock is no longer plugged in he gets his heat from a lamp now.

 they are all happy and friendly now.
Many of our pets have a sad story of abuse and mistreatment.
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